While at the Center

When you attend your seminar at the AMA Atlanta Executive Conference Center, we at AMA will make every effort to ensure that your experience is both productive and enjoyable.

The Executive Conference Center can be accessed through the entrance at the corner of Peachtree Street and 14th Street or 14th Street and Crescent Ave.

The AMA Executive Conference Center's Customer Service Staff is ready and willing to assist guests with administrative support, including faxes and copies, and providing concierge services.

The Message Center is located at the Customer Service Desk. Phone messages and faxes can be received from the Customer Service Desk. The names of guests receiving messages (phone or fax) are displayed on the message monitors located throughout the center. The phone number is 404-892-7599 and the fax number is 678-553-2797.

Visit the Business Center to view your e-mail, type and print documents using word processing. The business center is also equipped with all your standard office supplies. Phones for local or toll free calls are available throughout the center. Dial-up data ports and WiFi access is available in the lounge area.

There are four complimentary beverage stations located throughout the AMA Atlanta Executive Conference Center. These beverage stations provide hot and cold beverages that include assorted gourmet coffees, teas, soft drinks, fruit juices, ice and water.

In an emergency, contact the Customer Service Desk immediately.

There is a First Aid Kit at the Customer Service Desk.

Restrooms are located throughout the center.

Atlanta guides, subway and bus maps are available at the Customer Service Desk.

While at the Center, if there is anything we can do to help you enhance your learning experience, or enjoy your stay in Atlanta, please consult with our Customer Service Staff. If you need additional information before your arrival, you may contact the AMA Atlanta Executive Conference Center at 404-892-7599.